Update on Syria: Diplomatic Opening Delays Vote & WED Vigil

Carolina Peace’s No War with Syria Rally was covered by WACH, WIS, WLTX and the State newspaper.

Syria Update: Diplomatic Opening Delays Vote on Syria Intervention

UPDATE: In a televised speech, President Obama announced he had asked Congress to delay a vote on an AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) against Syria to pursue a diplomatic plan presented by Russia that would place Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.  However, President Obama will still be seeking an AUMF vote soon, according to a new argument, in order to put military might behind diplomatic efforts… however, this is a dangerous BLANK CHECK for WAR which should still be rejected.

Where do SC’s Congressmen stand on US military intervention in Syria?

Of South Carolina’s 7 representatives in the US House of Representatives: 4 are on record opposing military intervention in Syria, 3 are undecided.

OPPOSED: Representatives WILSON (SC-2), SANFORD (SC-1), DUNCAN (SC-3), GOWDY (SC-4)

Please THANK THEM for their stand and tell them NO BLANK CHECK for WAR.. use contact links below.

UNDECIDED: Representatives CLYBURN (SC-6), MULVANEY (SC-5), RICE (SC-7)

Mulvaney and Rice are skeptical of military intervention in Syria and thus are leaning no.  Rep. Jim Clyburn, as the sole Democrat, would be going against the grain of his political party to vote against the AUMF.

Keep the pressure on them… call and email them, especially after President Obama’s speech.

LAST CALL: CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW! (click “Read More Below” for links to Contact your Rep)

Join us on WEDNESDAY Sept 11th, 5PM-6PM @ the Statehouse (Main & Gervais) remember Sept 11th, oppose US intervention in Syria and all war at the Women in Black vigil for peace. Women in Black vigils every Wednesday 5PM-6PM at the Statehouse.


CONTACT YOUR REP: Email & Call Now… Congress may vote as soon as WED Sept 11th!

US House of Representatives:

Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1): https://sanford.house.gov/contact/email-me

Rep  Joe Wilson (SC-2):


Rep Jeff Duncan (SC-3): https://jeffduncan.house.gov/contact-me

Rep Trey Gowdy (SC-4): http://gowdy.house.gov/Contact/default.aspx

Rep Mick Mulvaney (SC-5): https://forms.house.gov/mulvaney/webforms/zipauthen_contact.shtml

Rep Jim Clyburn (SC-6): https://forms.house.gov/clyburn/zipauth.shtml

Rep Tom rice (SC-7): http://rice.house.gov/contact

Don’t know your Congressman? Outside SC? Go here: house.gov


Where Do SC’s US Senators stand?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: FOR. Graham has been an outspoken proponent of regime change and US military intervention in Syria.

Contact him: http://lgraham.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.EmailSenatorGraham

SENATOR TIM SCOTT: UNDECIDED? Senator Scott has been quiet on this issue.

Contact him: http://www.scott.senate.gov/contact.cfm



“An Open Letter to My Congressman” by Stephen Walt in Foreign Policy


Letter to Congress Opposing US Military Intervention in Syria by Diane Randall of FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation)


Russian Brokered Syria Deal to Place Chemical Weapons under International Control?


“9 Questions on Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask” (We don’t agree with all the conclusions but this is a good background to understanding the issues in Syria)


“Do’s and Don’ts for Progressives Discussing Syria”by Ramah Kudaimi


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