Free Movie Occupation of the American Mind Thursday Nov 9th 7PM

MOVIE: Occupation of the American Mind

Stavros Lecture Hall, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
1000 Wildwood Ave. (Wildwood & Mt. Vernon)
Columbia, SC 29203
Subtitled “Israel’s PR War in the United States”, this documentary takes an eye-opening look at why Israel’s policies towards Palestinians are accepted with US with little criticism.  Narrated by Roger Waters.
Followed by discussion with Josh Cooper of Jewish Voice for Peace.
Free and open to the public.
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Sponsored by
Carolina Peace Resource Center
Peace Studies, Lutheran Theological Seminary


AIPAC’s Agenda vs. the Interest of Peace

The AIPAC Agenda & Senator Graham’s Preemptive Attack on Iran Resolution

This past weekend AIPAC (the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee), one of the most powerful lobbies in DC, held its policy conference in Washington DC to push the Israeli government’s agenda on Congress.  Thousands of AIPAC conference attendees are swarming Capitol Hill this week to press that agenda which includes a Senator Graham sponsored Senate Resolution 65 supporting an Israeli preemptive attack on Iran, exempting $3.1 billion in US military aid to Israel from sequestration cuts while we make painful cuts here at home, and silencing US criticism of settlements.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress You Don’t Support AIPAC’s Agenda!

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Senate Resolution 65 declaring support for an Israeli preemptive attack on Iran, sponsored by our own Senator Graham, was rolled out not coincidentally right before the AIPAC conference.  S. Res. 65 is dangerous step toward preemptive war with Iran.

Israel receives $3.1 billion in military aid from the US each year despite continuing to build settlements and human rights abuses in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian West Bank. Tell Congress to condition aid to Israel on a settlement freeze and respect for human rights. Plus, we can’t afford to be furnishing Israel with billions in aid while we cut needed programs here at home.


TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress You Don’t Support AIPAC’s Agenda!

Contact Your Senators and Your Representative!

Send emails to your Congressmen.  An individually written letter is given more weight than a form letter; however, a form letter is better than nothing if you are pressed for time!

AIPAC Doesn’t Speak for Me! Action Alert from Jewish Voice for Peace

Customizable Message Sent to All Your Elected Officials


No Back Door War with Iran Action Alert

Customizable Message Sent to Senators in Opposition to S. Resolution 65

MOST EFFECTIVE: Write Your Own Letter. Write one original short letter (2 paragraphs) and modify it slightly re: S. Res 65 for each Senator.  Use the sample letters below as an example of how to modify for each Senator.


Contact Your Senators

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R):

Send a short email to Senator Graham telling him you are disappointed that he has sponsored S. Resolution 65 and your what you think about preemptive war with Iran.   Then tell him what you think about US military aid to Israel.

Senator Tim Scott (SC-R):

Send a short email to Senator Scott asking him to NOT sponsor S. Resolution 65 and what you think about preemptive war with Iran. Then tell him what you think about US military aid to Israel.

Senators outside of SC:

Contact Your Representative

Tell your Representative you oppose preemptive war with Iran and what you think about US military aid to Israel.

SC-1, formerly Rep Tim Scott’s seat: Currently South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District has no vote in Congress pending a special election to replace Tim Scott who was appointed a US. Senator.

Rep  Joe Wilson (SC-2) :

Rep Jeff Duncan (SC-3)

Rep Trey Gowdy (SC-4)

Rep Mick Mulvaney (SC-5)

Rep Jim Clyburn (SC-6):

Don’t know your Congressman? Outside SC? Go here:




AIPAC Doesn’t Speak for Me!

As your constituent and a supporter of peace, I ask you not to let AIPAC dictate US policy in the Middle East. In the next few days, they will:

– Ask that aid to Israel be exempted from sequestration.

– Demand U.S. support for an Israeli strike on Iran, which would outsource decisions about the safety of the American people.

-Ask you to stay silent on settlement building in E-1, which enables the Israeli government to drive a nail in the coffin of the peace process.

Please say NO to these requests and NO to AIPAC. Aid to Israel should be conditioned on adherence to international law– Israel must stop and reverse settlement construction. Most Americans want peace and fair policies, not one-sided support for war and expansionist policies.


Just Foreign Policy’s Letter’s Re: S. Resolution 65 supporting a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran


I am very disappointed that you are cosponsoring S. Res. 65. This bill is dangerous and undermines diplomatic efforts with Iran. (for Senator Graham)

I am writing to very strongly urge you not to cosponsor S. Res. 65. This bill is dangerous and undermines diplomatic efforts with Iran. (for Senator Scott)


The language in [S. Res. 65] which “urges that, if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in self-defense, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence,” is very disturbing. The US Senate should not go on record declaring support for a potential military action against Iran. It is a small step toward accepting the idea of attacking Iran. A war with Iran would be catastrophic and would not make the US safer.


Please remove your name from the bill. I would like a response explaining your actions on this issue. (for Senator Graham)

Please do not cosponsor S. Res. 65.  I look forward to your response. (for Senator Scott)

Source: No Back Door War with Iran Action Alert