Introduction to the Refugee Task Force of Carolina Peace Resource Center

The Refugee Task Force of Carolina Peace Resource Center meets monthly to plan educational, visibility and charitable events to support refugees and refugee resettlement programs. We also promote legislative advocacy at the federal and local levels, and we strive to stay abreast of anti-refugee legislation so that we can organize to defeat it.

Email us for more information. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, not matter how much time you have to give. Volunteering matters to us.

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ACTION ALERT: The Time for Immigration Reform is Now!

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress the Time for Immigration Reform is Now!

The US Senate just passed an immigration reform bill that provided a path to citizenship for the undocumented but also “practically militarizes the border” in Senator Graham’s words, spending $50 billion to doubling the number of border agents by adding 21,000 and building 700 more miles of border fortifications.

The US House now needs to pass an immigration reform bill, but it faces a rocky road in the House.  There is strong opposition in the House to a path to citizenship.  An immigration reform bill without a path to citizenship isn’t really immigration reform.  Your Congressman is already hearing from those who oppose immigration reform.  Your Congressman needs to hear from you.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Congressman the Time for Immigration Reform is Now!

Contact your Representative and tell him you support a path to citizenship and you oppose “militarizing the border” and wasting $50 billion in taxpayer money.  When Congress returns to session after the July 4th holiday, they need to get down to work!

Contact Your Rep Now & Mark Your Calendar to Call-In on TUES July 9th, SC Call in Day.

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Rep Mark Sanford (SC-1):

Rep  Joe Wilson (SC-2) :

Rep Jeff Duncan (SC-3)

Rep Trey Gowdy (SC-4)

Rep Mick Mulvaney (SC-5)

Rep Jim Clyburn (SC-6):

Rep Tom Rice (SC-7):

Don’t know your Congressman? Outside SC? Go here:



“S.C. House members cooler — but not stone cold — on immigration reform” Charleston Post & Courier, SUN June 30th

“Securing” the border?  Necessary?

*The number of border agents in recent years has already been doubled… doubling them again would quadruple the number of border agents.

*Deportations have hit record levels under the Obama administration.   This also means family separations on a massive scale and the imprison of American citizens in private prison gulags due to a lack of due process.

* The border cannot be “secured.”  As long as there is opportunity on the other side of the border, people will cross it.  Just as with the drug war, as long as there is supply and demand, efforts to stop border traffic will be bypassed. In addition, most undocumented immigrants cross the border legally, but overstay their visas.

Advocacy Organizations

SC Immigration Coalition

A United South Carolina,



Kingday at the Dome, MON Jan 16th


King Day at the Dome

MON Jan 16th

Assemble 9:30AM at Zion Baptist Church (Gadsden & Washington)

March 10AM

Rally at the Statehouse, 11:15AM.

March and Rally to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s advocacy for voting rights, and social and economic justice. Education, immigration reform and jobs!

Sponsored by the South Carolina NAACP.

Volunteers Needed! to Table for Carolina Peace. Contact info @ / Peaceline (803) 216-1448 (Leave message).


Immigration Rights Walk & Prayer Vigil, SUN Dec 18th

Walk & Prayer Vigil for Immigrant Rights

SUN Dec 18th

Gather 1:15PM at Zion Baptist Church (Washington & Gadsden)

Walk to Statehouse begins 1:30PM

Prayer Vigil at Statehouse, 2-3PM

The Constitutionality of South Carolina’s new immigration law (SB 20) is being challenged in Federal Court in Charleston on MON Dec 19th.  We gather to oppose this draconian law.    If upheld, the law will require law enforcement to investigate the legal status of anyone they stop and develop a “reasonable suspicion” the person is not here legally. Immigrants are our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, our teachers, our service members, and they should not be treated as “others.”

Text of the law:


More Info:


STOP SB 20: SC Senate Considering Draconian Immigration Law

The South Carolina Senate is currently considering a law seen as more draconian than Arizona’s recent controversial law.  Senate Bill # 20 or SB20 would require law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone they have “reasonable suspicion” is unlawfully in the United States.   Currently, the law is in the Senate’s Judiciary committee but will come up for a vote in the Senate soon. 

3 Arguments against SB 20:

1.       Costly.  At a time when SC’s government has a $1.3 billion deficit, the state of South Carolina and muncipalities cannot afford the added expense of enforcing this law.

2.       Added Burden to Law Enforcement.  Besides monetary concerns, SB 20 would burden police with immigration enforcement, distracting them from stopping violent crime, etc.

3.       Promotes Racial Profiling.  Legal residents will greater face discrimination or harassment due to “looking” like an immigrant.


We need federal immigration reform, not repression.

CONTACT your STATE SENATOR and let them know what you think.