Petition: Augusta University, Evaluate Cooperation with Intelligence Agencies!

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Simple Justice Black Lives Matter Open Mic/Community Meeting, Columbia, Jul 5, 7pm

Modjeska Monteith Simkins House, 2025 Marion St, Columbia, South Carolina 29201

the Royal African Company Presents … in Collaboration with the New Danger World Changers

an open mic, community meeting afterwork social soul network mixer.
Prysmatic Jewels Creations Royal African Company,

Omari Fox LaToya Thompson SaBrina Jeffcoact Valencia Goodwin PERO


6pm- Welcome MIX & Mingle

6:30 pm- Community Poster Session- Who’s Who in Community

7PM- The ARTISTIC African Origins of Class & SOUL:
From Royalty to JIggy a historical perspective of ART & CULTURE By Frank Martin

7:30 pm OPEN MIC

MOVIE “Broken on All Sides” SAT Sept 27th 7PM



MOVIE: “Broken on All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the US”

SATURDAY Sept 27th, 7PM

Columbia Friends Meeting House,

120 Pisgah Church Road,  Columbia, SC 29203


The documentary centers around the theory put forward by many, and most recently by Michelle Alexander (who appears in the movie), that mass incarceration has become “The New Jim Crow.” That is, since the rise of the drug war and the explosion of the prison population, and because discretion within the system allows for arrest and prosecution of people of color at alarmingly higher rates than whites, prisons and criminal penalties have become a new version of Jim Crow. Through inter¬views with people on many sides of the criminal justice system, this documentary aims to answer questions and provoke questions on an issue walled-off from the public’s scrutiny.

Directed by Matthew Pillshcer.



For additional information, contact D. Butler @(803) 727-6307

Repeal South Carolina’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

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“Stand Your Ground” is a radical rewrite of self-defense law that encourages the use of deadly force as a first resort rather than as a last resort, abandoning the centuries old doctrine of a “duty to retreat” when possible.  By deleting the “duty to retreat,” “Stand Your Ground” is really a “License to Kill” and will result in questionable homicides and unnecessary tragedies.

CONTACT repealstandyourground[@]


Peace Cmte & Lorraine Barlett on Guantanamo, TUES Aug 20th

Peace Committee Meeting &

Lorraine Barlett on Guantanamo

TUES August 20th

6PM Peace Cmte, 7PM Speaker

Modjeska Monteith Simkins House

2025 Marion St. Columbia, SC

The Peace Committee meeting is Carolina Peace’s monthly organizing meeting. Newcomers and volunteers are welcome. Bring a potluck item if you can.

Special speaker Lorraine Barlett, retired US Army Lt. Col and JAG (Judge Advocate General), will speak on Guantanamo.  As a JAG in her final assignment, she represented a Guantanamo detainee which gave her special insight into Guantanamo and military commissions. She will update us on Guantanamo, including the hunger strik, and share here experiences. USA Today published an op-ed of hers on Guantanamo, “JAG Lawyer: Gitmo’s Decade of Shame Stains US.”

RSVP/Share on Facebook:


Lorraine Barlett Bio:


Donna Lorraine Barlett (Lorraine, as she prefers to be known) was born in 1958 in Memphis, Tennessee, where she also received her formal education, graduating with a B.A. in History of Religion from Rhodes College and a J.D. from the University of Memphis School of Law. After joining the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, she held a variety of legal positions and in 1993 obtained a Masters in Law degree. She served with the military for over 27 years, performing as Trial and Appellate Counsel, and in Legal assistance, Claims, Operational and Administrative Law. After three overseas tours and deployment to Sarajevo, Bosnia, in 1999 she resigned from the Regular Army and entered the Reserves. In October 2001 she was recalled to active duty and since 9/11 has held numerous assignments including three at the U.S. Army Signal Center, where she served from 2009-10 with the 7th Signal Command, an Army element of the United States CYBER Command. After attaining 20 years of active duty she nonetheless volunteered for one last job, culminating in her final assignment as a defense attorney with the Office of the Chief Defense Counsel (OCDC), Office of Military Commissions (OMC), in Washington D.C. While there she served as OCDC Training Officer, Ethics Advisor and Senior Army Deputy, supervising all OCDC Army personnel. But most significantly, she represented a detainee in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and gained valuable insight into the OMC system. She retired as Lieutenant Colonel in August 2012, and has returned to private practice in Augusta, Georgia, where she continues to speak out on behalf of Guantanamo detainees, on human rights issues relating to cyber and drone warfare, and against the creeping militarism which now pervades our society. As an attorney she also advocates for disabled veterans and the homeless, and fights predatory lending practices.



SC Women’s Rights Movement Meets this WED Aug 1st

SC Women’s Right Movement Meeting

WED Aug 1st, 6PM

Modjeska Monteith Simkins House

2025 Marion St. Columbia, SC

Please come to our women’s coalition (SCWRM) meeting at the Modjeska Simkins House Wednesday at 6pm. We have information about local progressive candidates to share and ideas about how to make the community and women’s lives in SC better. All are welcome…