Protect “DREAMERS” by signing your support for the BRIDGE Act

Dear South Carolina Friends,

As you may know, Congress is reviewing the BRIDGE Act introduced by Senator Graham and we are calling for our South Carolina Congressional Members to work across the aisle and with the new administration to see that we support our Dreamers. This legislation will protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipients. Continue reading “Protect “DREAMERS” by signing your support for the BRIDGE Act”

Tell the SC Statehouse to Take Action on Domestic Violence

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your State Representative to Get Serious about Domestic Violence
October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Carolina Peace is asking everyone to send a personal note to their State legislators asking them to take action on domestic violence in the next legislative session.  Write a personal note to your State Rep and include a copy of the following on needed reforms by Sara Barber, Executive Director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
A handwritten note in a snail mail letter is better, but email is also an option.


Look Up Your State Rep:

Op-ED “Proven Policies Can Reduce Domestic Violence in SC” by Sara Barber.

(We can provide a printable one page PDF version of this editorial for snail mail: contact david [at]



Post & Courier Article on Domestic Violence in SC:


Donate to Syrian Refugee Relief

Carolina Peace Resource Center, Aiken Peace raise $1,500 for Syrian Refugee Relief at benefits with photojournalist Thomas Hammond.

We are humbled and gratified to announce that, through your generosity, the Carolina Peace Resource Center and Aiken Peace raised nearly $1,500 for Syrian Refugee Relief at benefits in Columbia (Thursday Feb 27th) and Aiken (Tuesday Feb 25th) proceeds going to the Syrian-American Medical Society, the Al Salam School, and the Maram Foundation. We will be able to cut checks for $500 to each of these worthy charities.  But it’s not too late to sweeten those checks and increase our impact: help make a real difference by donating. Details below.

SPECIAL THANKS to Thomas Hammond, Al-Amir on Main for donation food, Conundrum Music Hall, Tom Law, Manar S., Danya Naifeh, Wes Joiner and Zach Jones, Nyna Dalbec, Michelle Hutchinson, Paul Palmer and everyone who helped.

Photo by Thomas Hammond An unfinished concrete building in Reyhanli, Turkey housing five familes of Syrian refugees, 32 people in all.


DONATE ONLINE VIA PAYPAL: Click on the PayPal button at the right/top of the page or click here.

IMPORTANT: Remember to click on “Special Instructions” and note “for Syrian refugee relief” before submitting your payment.



Make your tax-deductible check payable to “Carolina Peace Resource Center” and note for “Syrian Refugee Relief”

Mail to: Carolina Peace Resource Center, P.O. Box 7933, Columbia, SC  29202





CONTACT US: If you would like to help raise awareness or raise money locally (South Carolina area) for Syrian refugee relief, contact our Syrian Refugee Relief volunteers, Manar (manar @ and Thomas (Thomas @


Thomas Hammond’s “Postcards from Syria” in Columbia’s Free-Times:


EARLIER WINTER APPEAL: Donate to Syrian Refugee Relief: Winter Appeal

As winter bears down on over two million refugees from the Syrian civil war, Carolina Peace is making a special call for year end donations for Syrian refugee relief.  Carolina Peace will bundle donations and direct them to four reputable charities doing some of the best work:

Syrian-American Medical Society

Karam Foundation

Syrian Orphans

Maram Foundation

DONATE DIRECTLY TO CHARITIES: If you would prefer to donate directly to charities doing some of the best work, here is a list of charities vetted by our Syria relief volunteers:

Karam Foundation


Syria Relief


Maram Foundation


NuDay Syria


Hand in Hand for Syria


Free Syria Foundation


Palmyra Relief


Syrian American Medical Society


Human Care Syria


The Amal Project


Al Seeraj




Syrian Orphans


Sawa For Syria


Basmeh and Zeitouneh


(in Arabic)



Update on Syria: Diplomatic Opening Delays Vote & WED Vigil

Carolina Peace’s No War with Syria Rally was covered by WACH, WIS, WLTX and the State newspaper.

Syria Update: Diplomatic Opening Delays Vote on Syria Intervention

UPDATE: In a televised speech, President Obama announced he had asked Congress to delay a vote on an AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) against Syria to pursue a diplomatic plan presented by Russia that would place Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.  However, President Obama will still be seeking an AUMF vote soon, according to a new argument, in order to put military might behind diplomatic efforts… however, this is a dangerous BLANK CHECK for WAR which should still be rejected.

Where do SC’s Congressmen stand on US military intervention in Syria?

Of South Carolina’s 7 representatives in the US House of Representatives: 4 are on record opposing military intervention in Syria, 3 are undecided.

OPPOSED: Representatives WILSON (SC-2), SANFORD (SC-1), DUNCAN (SC-3), GOWDY (SC-4)

Please THANK THEM for their stand and tell them NO BLANK CHECK for WAR.. use contact links below.

UNDECIDED: Representatives CLYBURN (SC-6), MULVANEY (SC-5), RICE (SC-7)

Mulvaney and Rice are skeptical of military intervention in Syria and thus are leaning no.  Rep. Jim Clyburn, as the sole Democrat, would be going against the grain of his political party to vote against the AUMF.

Keep the pressure on them… call and email them, especially after President Obama’s speech.

LAST CALL: CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW! (click “Read More Below” for links to Contact your Rep)

Join us on WEDNESDAY Sept 11th, 5PM-6PM @ the Statehouse (Main & Gervais) remember Sept 11th, oppose US intervention in Syria and all war at the Women in Black vigil for peace. Women in Black vigils every Wednesday 5PM-6PM at the Statehouse.


CONTACT YOUR REP: Email & Call Now… Congress may vote as soon as WED Sept 11th!

US House of Representatives:

Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1):

Rep  Joe Wilson (SC-2):

Rep Jeff Duncan (SC-3):

Rep Trey Gowdy (SC-4):

Rep Mick Mulvaney (SC-5):

Rep Jim Clyburn (SC-6):

Rep Tom rice (SC-7):

Don’t know your Congressman? Outside SC? Go here:


Where Do SC’s US Senators stand?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: FOR. Graham has been an outspoken proponent of regime change and US military intervention in Syria.

Contact him:

SENATOR TIM SCOTT: UNDECIDED? Senator Scott has been quiet on this issue.

Contact him:



“An Open Letter to My Congressman” by Stephen Walt in Foreign Policy

Letter to Congress Opposing US Military Intervention in Syria by Diane Randall of FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation)

Russian Brokered Syria Deal to Place Chemical Weapons under International Control?

“9 Questions on Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask” (We don’t agree with all the conclusions but this is a good background to understanding the issues in Syria)

“Do’s and Don’ts for Progressives Discussing Syria”by Ramah Kudaimi

Short URL for this ACTION ALERT:

CONTACT Carolina Peace for help in organizing a vigil/demonstration: David, 803-215-3263 or info @

Join Carolina Peace’s weekly email announcements list:

send an email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to info @

Twitter: @carolina_peace Facebook group:

ACTION ALERT: Just Say NO! to Military Intervention in Syria

ACTION ALERT: Just Say NO! to Military Intervention in Syria

The recent use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria demands a response…  a nonviolent response. War criminals should be held accountable for war crimes, but a US attack on Syria will not do this. Whether a limited Clinton-esque salvo of cruise missiles or wider military intervention, a US/allied attack on Syria will be ineffective and only add to bloodshed and violence on the ground.  MLK warned us about “guided missiles and misguided men”… it’s time to heed his words and stop a counter-productive attack on Syria. “War is NOT the answer!”

TAKE ACTION! 3 Ways to Say NO! to Military Intervention in Syria

1. Tell Obama: via an email (FCNL action alert) or via a call to the White House comment line 202-456-1111 (as suggested by a Peace Action action alert)

2. Attend/Organize a Peace Vigil/Demonstration: the Columbia Women in Black peace vigil is every Wednesday 5-6pm at the Statehouse (Main & Gervais)… please join us this Wednesday! (or attend/organize a local vigil … Contact Carolina Peace, we will help connect you!)

3. Write a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper opposing military intervention.  Keep it short and to the point.

Click “Read More” for More Background on Syria



Diane Randall of FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) Letter to Congress Opposing US Military Intervention in Syria

Ramah Kudaimi, “Do’s and Don’ts for Progressives Discussing Syria”

CONTACT Carolina Peace for help in organizing a vigil/demonstration: David, 803-215-3263 or info @

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ACTION ALERT: The Time for Immigration Reform is Now!

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress the Time for Immigration Reform is Now!

The US Senate just passed an immigration reform bill that provided a path to citizenship for the undocumented but also “practically militarizes the border” in Senator Graham’s words, spending $50 billion to doubling the number of border agents by adding 21,000 and building 700 more miles of border fortifications.

The US House now needs to pass an immigration reform bill, but it faces a rocky road in the House.  There is strong opposition in the House to a path to citizenship.  An immigration reform bill without a path to citizenship isn’t really immigration reform.  Your Congressman is already hearing from those who oppose immigration reform.  Your Congressman needs to hear from you.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Congressman the Time for Immigration Reform is Now!

Contact your Representative and tell him you support a path to citizenship and you oppose “militarizing the border” and wasting $50 billion in taxpayer money.  When Congress returns to session after the July 4th holiday, they need to get down to work!

Contact Your Rep Now & Mark Your Calendar to Call-In on TUES July 9th, SC Call in Day.

Copy & Share this:


Rep Mark Sanford (SC-1):

Rep  Joe Wilson (SC-2) :

Rep Jeff Duncan (SC-3)

Rep Trey Gowdy (SC-4)

Rep Mick Mulvaney (SC-5)

Rep Jim Clyburn (SC-6):

Rep Tom Rice (SC-7):

Don’t know your Congressman? Outside SC? Go here:



“S.C. House members cooler — but not stone cold — on immigration reform” Charleston Post & Courier, SUN June 30th

“Securing” the border?  Necessary?

*The number of border agents in recent years has already been doubled… doubling them again would quadruple the number of border agents.

*Deportations have hit record levels under the Obama administration.   This also means family separations on a massive scale and the imprison of American citizens in private prison gulags due to a lack of due process.

* The border cannot be “secured.”  As long as there is opportunity on the other side of the border, people will cross it.  Just as with the drug war, as long as there is supply and demand, efforts to stop border traffic will be bypassed. In addition, most undocumented immigrants cross the border legally, but overstay their visas.

Advocacy Organizations

SC Immigration Coalition

A United South Carolina,



ACTION ALERT: Tell the SC Statehouse to Get Real on Guns

ACTION ALERT: Tell the SC Statehouse to Get Real on Gun Safety!

The State newspaper’s story “Will More Guns in More Places Make SC Safer?” (April 13th) should be a wake up call for South Carolinians.  While SC was recently ranked 6th in gun violence, the Statehouse is moving forward several bills to loosen gun regulations, goaded by vocal gun enthusiasts who believe as an article of faith that more guns is the answer.  Bills being considered in the Statehouse include an Open Carry bill (S 0115) that would allow gun-toting, open or concealed, without a permit, training or background check.  Another bill (S 308) would allow concealed weapons in establishments that serve alcohol.  This isn’t about the Second Amendment’s protection of the individual right to own a firearm, this is about utter disregard for public safety.  The Statehouse is considering these bills this week…

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Statehouse to Get Real on Gun Safety!

Email and call your Statehouse Representative and State Senator and tell them what you think:



1. Open by introducing yourself: Ex, “I’m a veteran, gunowner, grandparent and life-long resident of Camden,  SC I am very disturbed by the epidemic of gun violence…”


2. Tell Them You Oppose:

S 0115 (Open Carry or “Constitution Carry” Bill) Would allow the open or concealed carrying of firearms without a permit, training or background check.  Tell them our current Concealed Weapons law is adequate for those who want to carry a firearm and this bill is reckless.

S 308 Concealed weapons in establishments that serve alcohol.  Likewise, dangerous and poorly thought out.

***SLED Chief Mark Keel opposes both these bills.*** do mention!

3. Tell Them You Support:

S 413/H 3560 This bill would require South Carolina to report the dangerously mentally ill to the NICS (National Instant Criminal background check System) to prevent them from acquiring firearms.  This bill has been drafted with the input of court and mental health professionals.

4. Tell them why you oppose and support ithese bills in your own words.

5. Write one email: use it for both your Statehouse Rep and your State Senators (with small changes)

Back up your email with a phone call!  Share this action alert with others:


This ACTION ALERT was written using Moms Demand Action-South Carolina’s chapters updates as a resource.