Yemen: End the War Vigil, FRIDAY Mar 25, 2022

Yemen: End the War Vigil
FRIDAY March 25th 5PM-6:30PM

South Carolina Statehouse
Main & Gervais, Columbia, SC
March 25th marks 7 years of war in Yemen, the forgotten war. While the
US no longer participates in offensive actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Yemen, it still supplies arms, intelligence and logistical support, fueling the violence.  Millions of Yemenis face starvation and lack of medical care due to a Saudi blockade blocking food, fuel and medicine, a situation deemed by the UN to be “the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.” Our message for our elected leaders:  YEMEN: END THE WAR, END THE BLOCKADE!  Join us for vigil at the SC Statehouse (corner of Main & Gervais) on Friday March 25th from 5PM-6:30PM.  Some signs provided. Media will be invited.
Sponsored by the Carolina Peace Resource Center in collaboration with the South Carolina FCNL Advocacy Team

The 7th anniversary of the Yemen war gives an opportunity to draw attention to “the forgotten war” and the US role in creating “the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.”
A War Powers Resolution on Yemen is slated to be introduced in Congress this week.
More information and talking points:

  • March 25th marks seven years of the war in Yemen
  • Yemen has been described as the “world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe” for years, a situation now rivaled by the war in Ukraine.
  • The US has been deeply involved in the war in Yemen from its start, supporting Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) military intervention in Yemen, including bombing civilians and possible war crimes.
  • Yemen is starving due to a man-made famine caused by a Saudi blockade.  Food, fuel, and medicine are being blocked from reaching Yemenis.
  • Over two million Yemeni children face life-threatening acute malnutrition.  Last year, the World Food Programme’s David Beasely warned 400,000 Yemeni children could die.  Over 17 million Yemenis now rely on food assistance.  In the shadow of Ukraine, international donors have fallen short on funding the World Food Programme which may have to suspend operations in Yemen.
  • One year ago, the Biden administration promised to stop US support for “offensive” Saudi and Emirati military operations in Yemen.  However, the US continues to provide arms, logistics and intelligence support despite human rights groups calling for an arms embargo on the combatants for years.
  • WE DEMAND THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION AND OUR ELECTED LEADERS: A.  Suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates until the war in Yemen ends.  B. Press Saudi Arabia to lift its blockade of Yemen allowing food, fuel and medicine to reach Yemenis. 
  • We also support Congress passing a new Yemen War Powers Resolution to suspend unconstitutional US involvement in the Yemen War and to restore Congress’ responsibility in making decisions on matters of war and peace.  A Yemen War Powers resolution was passed by Congress in 2019 but vetoed by President Trump.

“The Yemen War in Numbers: Saudi Escalation and US Complicity”

“As US Focuses on Ukraine, Yemen Starves.”

“Why We Intend to Pass a New Yemen War Powers Resolution”

by Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Rep. Peter DeFazio


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