“No War on Iran” Protest Vigil Wednesday Jan 8th at the SC Statehouse




No War on Iran Protest Vigil
WEDNESDAY Jan 8th 5PM-6:30PM
SC Statehouse (corner Main & Gervais)

Join us for a “No War on Iran” Protest Vigil held in response to rapid and disproportionate escalation and threats of war with Iran. Gather in front of the SC Statehouse for a sign line vigil, 1100 Gervais Street (corner of Main & Gervais). Some signs provided. Please no profanity. Media will be invited.

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The recent assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani via drone strike constituted a disproportionate and reckless escalation of a proxy war with Iran. Both previous administrations (Bush, Obama) had refused to target Suleimani because it was correctly considered too dangerous. Whatever crimes Suleimani may have been guilty of, extrajudicial killing is illegal under international law. The current state of hostility with Iran is directly attributable to Trump tearing up the Iran deal, an effective agreement to curtail Iran’s nuclear weapons capability, and launching into a “maximum pressure” economic embargo of Iran unilaterally. Iran hawks now in power in the White House have pushed an unnecessary confrontation with Iran just as an unnecessary invasion of Iraq was foisted on the American people. Meanwhile, “allies” such as Saudi Arabia and Israel are unrelentlessly trying to goad the US into war with Iran. Now Secretary of State Pompeo claims 52 sites within Iran are targeted for retaliation and no legal authorization is needed…a clearly unconstitutional claim when Congress has the sole power to declare war. Join us in rejecting the rush to confrontation and war with Iran.


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