Fund Healthcare, Not Warfare






The health care reform bill currently being considered in the US Senate (misleadingly named the Better Care Reconciliation Act) represents a massive injustice, targeting the most vulnerable by slashing $772 billion in Medicaid funding over a decade to pay for tax cuts while pushing 22 million Americans off  medical insurance according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.  Meanwhile, the Trump administration is asking for a 10% increase in Pentagon spending, a whopping $540 billion in additional spending over a decade.  These are the wrong priorities for our nation.  We demand Congress fund Healthcare Not Warfare.   Many upcoming actions will be putting pressure on our Senators to do the right thing and oppose healthcare bills that gut Medicaid spending.  Read more…

CALL YOUR SENATORS… Call Local Offices Too

Lindsey Graham       Tim Scott

Tuesday June 27: Zombie Walk at the State House, Gervais Street State House sidewalk, 8-9 PM (come in your zombie costumes and makeup *NO MASKS ALLOWED* to show how much you want to stay alive!)

Wednesday June 28: Rally at Senator Lindsey Graham’s Columbia office, 508 Hampton Street, Columbia, 12-2

Thursday June 29: Rally at Senator Tim Scott’s Columbia office, 1901 Main Street, Columbia, 12-2




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