Fall 2019 & Summer 2019 Internships with Carolina Peace

The Carolina Peace Resource Center is offering Fall  2019 Organizing Internships and Summer 2019 Organizing Internships. Interested in learning all the angles of an activist non-profit organization?  Want to work on cutting the military budget, mideast peace or nuclear issues?  Do you have a passion for non-violent social change?  Then this internship is for you.  USC Students can earn 3 credit hours for a semester-long internship.  We are specifically looking for interns to work on Refugee/Immigration Issues and Environmental Issues.  Carolina Peace offers internships in the Fall and Spring and possibly summer.

SUNDAY March 31, 2019.

Applications considered on a rolling basis thereafter.

Organizing Internships* Important Information

  • Open to students and non-students.
  • $500 Stipend
  • 5-10 hours per week
  • Up  to 3 USC Credit Hours (50 hours of internship work per credit hour).  We will pursue credit for students at other educational institutions but can make no promises of credit hours.
  • Internship will be a combination of issue focus and general work.  We will consider  issue focus areas in addition to the ones listed above.
  • We attempt to tailor internships to your interests and skills, so don’t be bashful about your interests.



  1. Short essay (a few paragraphs, no more than one page) describing your qualifications and interests.  Can include what you would like to learn/ what issues you would like to work on and how.
  2. Completed Survey Complete the following Google Form survey: https://goo.gl/forms/5ht666mWdGcK3QZm1

Submit  Short Essay to: david [@]carolinapeace.org


Carolina Peace offers internships in the Spring and the Fall.

For more information on applying for these internships, contact:

Carolina Peace:  david[@]carolinapeace.org  / Peaceline (803) 216-1448 (Leave a message)



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