ACTION ALERT: Diplomacy Not War with Iran

ACTION ALERT: Diplomacy Not War with Iran

Iran’s new president Rouhani has extended a definite olive branch to the US, seeking to resolve long-standing impasses. Rouhani’s speech to the UN general assembly  was certainly a refreshing change.  The US has been threatening Iran with possible military intervention over its nuclear program for years, saying “all options are on the table” and has implemented a severe international regime of sanction against Iran that is crippling its economy.  Iran, now under a moderate elected president, is suing for peace.  It’s time for a diplomatic solution.

Yet, South Carolina’s own Senator Graham is unbelievably already pushing for Congress to pass an Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) against Iran.Experts agree that any military action short of a full-scale invasion of Iran would not stop its nuclear program.  Proponents of a military threat against Iran argue that it is needed to compel Iran into a diplomatic resolution, but Iran is already suing for peace under the weight of crippling sanctions. It’s time to take a military option of the table… there is no military solution to the US-Iran crisis, only a diplomatic one.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Congressmen You Oppose the Iran War Bill


TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Congressmen You Oppose the Iran War Bill


Email all 3 of your Congressmen with one message:.

Action Alert from NIAC, National Iranian American Council

OR Write a Letter to Your Local Newspaper and include your Reps names.

Rep. Trent Franks (R, AZ-08) sponsor of the AUMF bill in the House of Representatives statement:

Video of Sen. Lindsay Graham calling  for authorizing war:

“US, Iran Trade Cautious Overtures at UN” (Sept 25th)

Iran Facts,

Just Foreign Policy,

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)



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