Petition to Present to Elected Officials in US Congress Regarding Syria

We’re collecting signatures to submit to our elected officials in the US Congress. Download and print the document. After collecting signatures, fax them to 706.828.4463 or mail them to Ayman Fadel, PO Box 211556, Augusta, GA 30917 or scan them and e-mail the files. We also have an online version of the petition available on

Remember the vigil tomorrow!

Here is the text of the petition:

We, the undersigned members of the CSRA Peace Alliance, oppose the planned attacks on Syria. While we acknowledge this country lacks the kind of leadership that is responsive to the needs of its people and has in fact punished its own citizens for speaking out, we believe that United States military intervention will only prove to have devastating consequences upon the citizens of Syria. We ask decision-makers, particularly our elected officials in the U.S. Congress, to consider the following points:

1. Non-violence is a more effective means of resolving conflict. The United States, other governments, non-governmental organizations and international bodies should be promoting negotiation to resolve the conflict.

2. U.S. military intervention, whether in the form of aiding armed rebels, direct military action or covert actions through drone strikes or special forces, will certainly lead to more suffering and not resolve the conflict.

3. The United States could make peace more likely by eliminating arms transfers and military aid to the region and removing its military bases.

4. While chemical weapons are terrible, the vast majority of deaths in the conflict have been the result of conventional weapons.

5. Military intervention will further deplete American resources which would be better used on domestic programs and humanitarian assistance.

6. In addition to refusing military intervention in this particular instance, Congress must pass legislation explicitly rejecting the President’s assertion of the authority to intervene militarily without Congressional approval.