ACTION ALERT: Seqester? Tell Congress to Cut the Pentagon Budget

The mess of sequestration is about to hit… tell Congress to avert disaster by cutting the Pentagon budget.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Cut the Pentagon Budget!

Email your Congressmen Write one short, kind letter (two paragraphs at most) asking your elected reps to cut the Pentagon budget and send it to your two Senators (Graham and DeMint) and your Representative using these links below.  An individually written letter is given more weight by Congressional staff and will be read; petitions and form letters are discounted.

US Senate:

Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R):

Senator Tim Scott (SC-R):

US House of Representatives:

Rep  Joe Wilson (SC-2) :

Rep Jeff Duncan (SC-3)

Rep Trey Gowdy (SC-4)

Rep Jim Clyburn (SC-6):

Don’t know your Congressman? Outside SC? Go here:

For SC-5 Mick Mulvaney ,SC-1 and  More Information on Cutting the Pentagon Budget, click “Read More”




Rep Mick Mulvaney (SC-5)

Congressman Mulvaney has been the exception to the rule, crossing partisan lines and calling for Pentagon savings in this op-ed published with Democratic Congressman Ralph Ellison.

Please thank him!


SC-1, formerly Rep Tim Scott’s seat: Currently South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District has no vote in Congress pending a special election to replace Tim Scott who was appointed a US. Senator.



Since 2001 the Pentagon budget has doubled and keeps increasing despite the fiscal crisis.   In FY 2012, Defense spending amounted to $663.7 Billion, eclipsing all other discretionary spending, and rivaling such entitlement programs as Social Security ($695 Billion, the biggest entitlement program).  Military spending has gone relatively unscathed in the recent fiscal debates.


FCNL’s Practical Options for Cutting the Pentagon Budget:

From cutting nuclear weapons and closing bases to cracking down on fraud and military contractors, these are the Friend’s Committee on National Legislation’s recommendations on cutting Pentagon waste.


FCNL’s Nuclear Weapons Budget Fact Sheet:

Reducing the Trident nuclear submarine fleet to eight would save $18 billion over the next ten years while delaying a new bomberwould save another $18 billion over the next ten years.


FCNL’s Video Explain Sequestration Cuts:

Rep. Barbara Lee “Solving the Fiscal Impasse Begins and Ends at the Pentagon”


More  Suggested Pentagon Budget Cuts

1. Zero Option: Drawing down forces in Afghanistan& ending the US presence there.

2.  Scaling back hundreds of US military bases abroad.

3.  Canceling or reducing procurement of the costly V-22 Osprey,  F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle,  and  the Space Tracking and Surveillance System.*

4. “Rightsizing” or reducing the US nuclear weapons arsenal.*


*Part of $107 Billion in Pentagon budget cuts suggested in a joint report by the conservative National Taxpayers Union and the left-leaning US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Toward Common Ground: Bridging the Political Divide to Reduce Spending


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