ACTION ALERT: Stop Israel’s Misuse of US-Supplied Tear Gas

March 13th marked three years since American non-violent activist Tristan Anderson was severely injured when an Israeli fired tear gas cannister struck him in the head.  Unfortunately, this was no accident, but part of a pattern of by the IDF of irresponsibly using disproportionate and lethal force in dealing with non-violent demonstrations by firing tear gas AT protesters and at close range. Two Palestinian non-violent protesters have been killed in this way, Bassem Abu Rahman of Bil’in who was shot in the chest at close range and Mustafa Tamimi of Nabi Saleh who was shot in the face with a tear gas cannister at close range.


TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Representatives to Investigate Israeli Misuse of US-Supplied Tear Gas
Quick & easy… takes 2 minutes to complete.
Action Alert courtesy of US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Please share this with your friends & contacts!

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