Gov. Haley Evicts Occupy Columbia from Statehouse


19 Nonviolent Protestors Arrested for “Trespassing”

Violating Their First Amendment Rights

In the midst of a downpour last night, SC’s Department of Protective Services arrested 19 nonviolent protestors for refusing to “peaceably disassemble” as ordered by Gov. Haley during a press conference earlier in the day.  Haley’s legal grounds are highly questionable to say the least.  For 33 Days Occupy Columbia has worked with the authorities at the Statehouse to resolve any issues, but now Gov. Haley is using exaggerated issues as a pretext to shut them down.  As Carolina Peace board member Walid Hakim said while being arrested, “ This is what is necessary to ensure our First Amendment rights are protected.  If people don’t stand up, then they will be taken away.”

Stand up for the right to dissent!  Support Occupy Columbia.

1. Join Occupy Columbia at the Statehouse TODAY! Help us create a critical mass for change.

2. DONATE! to Occupy Columbia via their website:

3. Give Gov. Haley some feedback: 803-734-2100.

4. Follow Occupy Columbia online (Facebook, livestream, Twitter, etc. etc)

5. Not in Columbia?  Help build the Occupy movement in your part of SC.  See links

Videos, Occupy Columbia Contact Info & Links to Occupy groups across SC:

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WLTX Coverage of Arrests:

First Amendment Attorney Responds to Occupy Arrests (with Jay Bender)

Occupy Columbia Contact Info



Phone: Leave message on the Occupy Columbia line: 803-543-6082


Occupy Facebook Group LINKS:

Occupy Charleston:

Occupy Greenville:

Occupy Spartanburg:

Occupy Anderson, SC:

Occupy Aiken, SC:

Occupy Augusta, GA:

Occupy Myrtle Beach:

Occupy the Pee Dee:

Occupy Upstate South Carolina:

Occupy Together in South Carolina:



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