Alternative New Year Peace Gathering: Reserve Your Space!


FRI Dec 30th, 2011-SUN Jan 1st, 2012

Crooked River State Park, St Mary’s, GA

An annual peace gathering and witness for nuclear disarmament at 
the gates of King’s Bay, a Trident nuclear ballistic missile submarine base.

RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW!  at a Crooked River State Park cottage for Alternative New Year

Click “Read More” for more information.



CROOKED RIVER STATE PARK IN ST. MARY’S, GA (more info on Crooked River State Park at

Directions: Crooked River State Park is located 7 miles north of St. Mary’s GA on Spur 40. 1) Take I-95, Exit 3
2) Take Georgia State Highway 40 towards St. Mary’s
3) Turn left onto Kings Bay Road (This will take you to the intersection of Kings Bay Rd & Spur 40 where the Stimson Gate and our Friday afternoon leafleting will be)
4) Turn left onto Spur 40


Cottage #1 – Fl Coalition for P & J — John X. Linnehan —
(2 Bedroom) 904-504-1004
Cottage #2 – Pax Christi NE FL — Nancy O’Byrne —
(3 Bedroom) 904-422-3618
Cottage #3 – War Tax Resisters — Sam Marshall —
(2 Bedroom) 478-452-9540
Cottage #4 – Pax Christi Tampa Bay — Anne Richter —
(3 Bedroom) 727-796-6539

COST: The cost of a space at a cottage is approx. $25-$35 for the 2-night stay per person, depending on how many stay in a cottage. Please make arrangements to pay your cottage holder your share of the cost.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Each cottage is furnished either two or three bedrooms with two queen size beds each, linens, some towels, a living room, and furnished kitchens with stove, refrigerator, and some utensils.

Clothing: Check the weather for Camden County, GA, and bring clothes appropriate, particularly if you plan to do the night vigil.

Towels: An extra towel or two is a good idea.

Food: We will have potluck dinners Friday and Saturday nights (O’Byrnes are bringing a turkey). Please bring a dish or two to share. There is a nearby grocery store. Breakfasts and lunches are in your own cottage; once you know who is staying with you, you can plan among yourselves. We will email out a list of cottage occupants prior to the weekend.

Things to Do in the Area: Look at the following websites for activities and sites to see:

St. Mary’s Convention & Visitor Bureau
Cumberland Island National Seashore
Ferry to Cumberland Island
Kayak Rental:

Agenda: We have attached an Agenda for the weekend

Please, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at or call at 904-461-9216.

Looking forward to spending a meaningful, peace-filled New Year’s with all of you!!

Peace and Blessings, Nancy O’Byrne, Co-ordinator, Pax Christi Florida


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