Support Occupy Columbia Now; Occupy Veterans in Veterans Day Parade FRI Nov 11th

Occupation at Statehouse Faces Hostility, Fatigue After 3 Weeks

After 25 days of occupation on the Statehouse ground, Occupy Columbia is facing the twin menaces of hostility and fatigue.  On Sunday night, Occupiers faced surprise sprinklers and police who kept them from sleeping under the portico… apparently the honeymoon is over.  At the same time, after 3 weeks of occupation, the strain is showing.  OCCUPY COLUMBIA NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW TO MAINTAIN THE  OCCCUPATION OF THE STATEHOUSE GROUNDS. Some have already responded: the SC Progressive Network is sponsoring the first Elders Night overnight stay this TUES Nov 8th with attention to those with special needs and Occupy Aiken has pitched in with meals.  But Occupy Columbia still needs people to come out and donations of foods and supplies to maintain their presence!

Occupy Veterans in Veterans Day Parade

FRI Nov 11th, 10:30AM-1:30PM

Assemble 10:30AM on Sumter St. between Elmwood and Calhoun. Look for “Occupy” posters. We will be the last group just before the National Guard. Please wear your class “A” jacket or utility/fatigue jacked to show your branch. If it won’t fit wear a hat or if all else fails, just show up. Our march will be in a slow step to accommodate the disabled to include wheel chairs.

Occupy Veterans March Facebook Event

CONTACT Info,  Links to Occupy Groups Across South Carolina & Ways to Support “Occupy Columbia” at the Statehouse

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CONTACT : Web: Email: Phone: Leave message on the Occupy Columbia line: 803-543-6082  Facebook:

Ways to Support “Occupy Columbia” at the Statehouse

1. Drop in and visit, early and often or better yet stay.  Participate in a protest, general assembly (10am & 7pm daily), socialize or grab a free bite to eat.

2. Spend the night on the Statehouse grounds.  Overnighters are the anchors of the occupation, especially during the work week. Bring adequate blankets and sleeping bags. No tents are allowed.

3. Donate food, especially fruit and vegetables, to feed “Occupy Columbia.”  Yummy donations are much appreciated! Check the website for requested supplies and drop them off.

Facebook LINKS:

Occupy Charleston:

Occupy Greenville:

Occupy Spartanburg:

Occupy Anderson, SC:

Occupy Aiken, SC:

Occupy Augusta, GA:

Occupy Myrtle Beach:

Occupy the Pee Dee:

Occupy Upstate South Carolina:




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