Drone Attacks and CIA Stir Anti-American Sentiment in Pakistan

Two events have rocked US-Pakistani relations recently, incensing Pakistani public opinion against the US presence in Pakistan.  One, a spectacular drone attack that killed 50 civilians including tribal elders, children and policemen at Datta Khel in North Waziristan on March 17th, drawing widespread protest in Pakistan.  The other, the controversy over Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor apprehended and almost put on trial in Pakistan for the shooting deaths of two Pakistanis.  After intense diplomatic pressure, Davis was returned to the US.  In response to public outcry, the Pakistani government is demanding the US scale back its drone attacks and CIA presence in their country.   Drone attacks have been effective at killing militant leaders… and civilians.  Americans need to ask themselves: do these drone attacks and aggressive covert actions do more harm than good?

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