STOP SB 20: SC Senate Considering Draconian Immigration Law

The South Carolina Senate is currently considering a law seen as more draconian than Arizona’s recent controversial law.  Senate Bill # 20 or SB20 would require law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone they have “reasonable suspicion” is unlawfully in the United States.   Currently, the law is in the Senate’s Judiciary committee but will come up for a vote in the Senate soon. 

3 Arguments against SB 20:

1.       Costly.  At a time when SC’s government has a $1.3 billion deficit, the state of South Carolina and muncipalities cannot afford the added expense of enforcing this law.

2.       Added Burden to Law Enforcement.  Besides monetary concerns, SB 20 would burden police with immigration enforcement, distracting them from stopping violent crime, etc.

3.       Promotes Racial Profiling.  Legal residents will greater face discrimination or harassment due to “looking” like an immigrant.


We need federal immigration reform, not repression.

CONTACT your STATE SENATOR and let them know what you think.

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