Introduction to the PROMOTE KINDNESS Campaign, Tue, Oct 12, 7 pm

On Tuesday, October 12, 7-8:30 pm, James E. Keen of the Family Counseling Center will introduce the PROMOTE KINDNESS Campaign of Augusta, GA. The venue is the Convent of St. Helena. See the Google Map.

James E Keen is an AmeriCorps/VISTA volunteer attached to the Family Counseling Center of the CSRA. Jim is a native of Blacksburg, Virginia. Jim is married to Sarah Keen, and they have two boys, Lucas 6, and Jack 2. Jim is a former Hebrew linguist with the United States Navy. After leaving the Navy in 2006, Jim finished a double bachelor’s degree at Augusta State. As a Sociology major Jim focused on Stratification and Marxist Theory and as an International Relations major he focused on Middle Eastern studies and Nationalism.

After graduation, Jim completed a year of study at Meadville-Lombard Theological School, a Unitarian-Universalist seminary in Chicago, IL. Jim left the seminary to pursue social action and joined the AmeriCorps/VISTA program in July of 2010. With the support of the Family Counseling Center Jim has created the PROMOTE KINDNESS campaign, a program that encourages a culture of respect and mutuality in the CSRA and looks to support curriculum that does the same.