NO to First-Strike Preemptive War

A piece by Wade Fulmer {IMAGE1}NO to First-Strike Preemptive War

…those that work deceptions on their own nation of
citizens and on nations of culture,…
that exempt their own, but take others’ sons, daughters,
fathers, and mothers from family into harm,…
that rush THEM to unnecessary, preemptive war and endless
that SEND THEM to oil-fired violence and dyings, to kill or
convert God’s other children to hypocrisy,…
that labor the lives of others’ loved ones to maiming,
death, and families loss,………
and, if our own people are so expendable for exploited
fears, mythical war, opportunism, distraction, and
profiteering, then also immorally expendable are the
sovereign peoples of culture to the warrings of chicken
hawk politicians. Who are those stay at home AWOL
appointees that SEND THEM, but not themselves, to
unnecessary preemptive war and violence by First-Strike,
Fear-Kill, Free-Fire policies?
All the precedent’s amens care not to work a plan for
peace, but instead to convert peoples, by fears of
speculation, manipulation, and deception, to marketed wars
of no end. The administration of Iraq War planners abused
preemptive powers and sovereign life freedoms. Such abuses
were motivated by ambush bully politics, paranoia, and
politico-corporate greed and campaign contributions. The
implementation of First-Strike strategy of tragedy
manifested those motivations in plans of bombings; of
prisons of interrogational torture, humiliation, and exile;
of misusing and overextending reservists and souldiers, as
if untrained mercenaries, to patrol, police, and kill
children and families; and of massive destructions for
no-bid reconstruction contracts given to
conflict-of-interest administration political campaign
Who are those that SEND THEM to WAR? They are
unilateralist, egotistical, selfreichist arrogants and
profiteers of manipulation, deception, and privilege. They
are those who change their minds and their memories, as to
why they send others to war, each time their prior excuse
is proved to be their contrived deception and myth; …no
weapons of mass destruction, no Saddam ties to 9-11, no
9-11 terrorists ties to Saddam, the liberation of Iraqis,
the democratization of Iraq, the Iraqinization (a.k.a.
Vietnamization) of Iraqi security police (while the
occupation of American Soldiers will be required “for
years” and forever …”years”…sound familiar?), the
unspoken token of crusadism (christian jihad) for the
neo-con “christian” hawks, etc. They are those who
proclaim compassion and then recklessly foster civil wars,
sell weapons to nations who turn those weapons on their
citizens and on our souldiers, and divide our own nation by
manipulation into unnecessary, unjustified war and
premeditated murder.
Who are those that SEND THEM to WAR? They are those
who avoided honorable military service (or avoided
attendance to duty), and though they send others, they lend
not even their ears to the experience of military Defense
leaders, nor to former Defense leaders (now of State) who
know some truth of the importance of diplomacy, real
coalition, and real and imminent threat. They are
malicious mockers who smear and slander veterans who
served, sacrificed, and suffered, including Veteran
Cleland, Veteran McCain, Veteran Kerry, and Millions of
other Veterans who were injured, maimed, or killed for the
Truth and Justice of a Constitutional, respectful and
respected America. Those that SEND THEM to war crucify
these Veterans who served honorably while in the military
and who serve just as honorably and courageously when they
speak Truth after war,… as opposed to submitting to the
ambitious, dictatorial partisan ambushers of democracy and
The promoters of unnecessary war are those who exploit,
maliciously extend, and perpetuate the motivation and
emotion of citizen fears, which provide the politically
ambitious chicken hawk with fodder, campaign monies, and
corporate vestments. They are those who Avoid the Issues
of healthcare, jobs for citizens (rather than to corporate
foreign outsourcing), education, and retirement plan
solvency,… who excuse the abuses and greed of
corporations in exchange for campaign contributions, who
have assured and insured their own future of excesses and
profitability with legislation and conflict-of-interest
politic. They are those who over-pay over-budget military
industrial complex campaign contributors while cutting
Veterans healthcare services by millions.
Who are those that SEND THEM to WAR? In the partisan
pit of arrogance, ignorance, and greed, are pharisean,
sociopathic bullies. They hide from Truth in their
corporate money bagged at-home bunkers, they turn away from
the taps of souls and families in body bags, and…they
hide the coffins, too. They smirk and sneer at humankind
who stand for peace and against unnecessary preemptive war.
They work their schemes to ignore international law, to
subvert constitutional freedoms, and to harness the
mythical fears of people for war. In fact, they are
destructors of democracy, deniers of the humanity of peace,
and abusers of our souldiers whom they use as mercenaries.
Their precedent of preemptive war taunts that those for war
are with him,…and that those against war are against him.
He contrives and taunts adversaries to “bring it on” to
THEM, to harm THEM, whom he has sent to his games of war
and death.
Truth tells us that “we wrestle…against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against
spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).
The God above all peoples, religions, and evil appointments
gives to us all the choice of righteous or unrighteous
works. For those works there is freedom, responsibility,
and consequence. The God of Truth is called the “Prince of
Peace”. Stop the violence, maiming, and deadly amens.
Unnecessary preemptive war, lies, and occupations must end.
Truth must restore Peace again. SEND THEM to War No More.
God’s souldiers, children and family to Peace duty send.
Peace begins Now, Again. Labor not for war…Labor in Love
for Peace and Life. Labor to BRING T H E M HOME NOW !!!
NO to First-Strike Preemptive War. Blessed are the

Note: Wade H. Fulmer is a Vietnam War Veteran who served in
the US Army.

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